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How do I apply?

Complete an Application for Admission.  You can find a link to the application under Admissions, choose Apply Online, then choose the appropriate program option for you.


Do you accept international students?

Yes, international students can apply for any of our programs.  As all of our programs are online, they can be complete from anywhere in the world.  We do not have any on-campus programs for the upcoming school year.  It is our understanding that our online programs will not qualify for the Post-Graduate Work Permit.


Are the cost of the courses listed in Canadian dollars?

Yes, the costs quoted on MCC’s website are all in Canadian dollars, unless stated otherwise.


Are you accredited?

MCC is recognized by the province of Prince Edward Island as a degree-granting body through The University Act.  Most Bible-based graduate schools are accepting of MCC’s Bible college graduates.  The recognition of specific MCC courses at secular universities is dependent upon their policies.


Are classes all online?

Yes, all programs at Maritime Christian College are online.  Online courses are asynchronous, which means that you can work on them anytime of the day from anywhere in the world.

Do you have on-campus classes? 

MCC does not have on-campus classes.  All MCC courses are online.  


What programs do you offer?

  • Disciple Maker Certificate

  • Disciple Making Church Leadership Certificate

  • Youth Disciple Making Ministry Certificate

  • CoVocational Certificate

  • Master of Arts in Disciple Making & Ministry Leadership Degree

What programs are offered full-time? 

We are not offering any full-time programs for the upcoming school year.

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