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Master of Arts in Disciple Making & Ministry Leadership Degree
Online - Part-time

MCC   Masters Program
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Accelerate your ministry career by learning and implementing disciple making strategies from world-class disciple makers.

The role of the church is to make disciples that make disciples. This accelerated Christian education program will provide you with the knowledge and real-world application skills to be an impactful disciple maker in God’s Kingdom. This fully online Master’s degree offers a balanced blend of Christian theology, disciple making strategies, and ministry leadership. You will gain hands-on learning experiences from world-class disciple makers and leaders.


Our 36-credit hour Master of Arts in Disciple Making & Ministry Leadership can be completed in two years by taking two courses per semester. Students also have the option to take courses as they fit each individual’s life schedule.

What you will learn from this graduate level program:

  • Foundational theology on how to become a disciple who makes disciples.

  • How to use the message and methods of Jesus to learn and apply Jesus’ model of intentional leadership in your own life as a disciple maker.

  • Insights and cutting-edge practical application on how to build unified ministry leadership teams with a healthy culture focused on making disciples.

  • How to engage cultural issues facing the church in these precarious times.

Who is this program designed for?

The student who:

  • Has a previous undergraduate degree

  • Is serving in a full-time, part-time or volunteer role in a church or ministry setting.

  • Is looking for accelerated Christian education at a graduate level that fits their busy lifestyle and ministry focus of disciple making.

Careers where this MA degree will benefit you:

  • Ministerial Leader

  • Church Programs Director

  • Children, Youth or Young Adult Pastor

  • Christian Educator

  • Church Planter / Disciple Maker

  • Pastor

  • Campus Pastor

  • Executive Pastor of Discipleship



  • MABT501 — Old Testament 

Study God’s missional work through Abraham’s family to bring blessing to the world.  (3 credit hours)


  • MABT503 — Jesus Christ and The Gospels 

An examination of the Life of Christ based on the gospels. The geographical and cultural backgrounds of first century A.D. Palestine, as well as the travels and teachings of Christ, are brought to life.  (3 credit hours)


  • MABT505 — Acts of the Apostles: Disciple Making 

A study of the book of Acts, setting forth the establishment of the church and the beginning of Christianity.  (3 credit hours)

  • MABT507 — Biblical Theology to Fuel Disciple Making

An overview of the key teachings in the Bible. From the Grand Storyline through doctrines of Scripture, God, the Fall, Israel, the Gospel, New Birth, Baptism, Saving Faith, Church, Disciple Making, Ethics, and Final Restoration. (3 credit hours)

  • MABT509 — Apologetics 

Explore making a defense of the faith by examining common attacks against Christianity and by discerning how best to answer tough questions while seeking to make disciples.  (3 credit hours)


  • MAGH511 — Church History

Survey of church history movements/revivals.  (3 credit hours)


  • MAPR513 — Becoming a Disciple Maker

Learn the skills to create and sustain a group of disciples who make more disciples.  (3 credit hours)

  • MAPR515 — Disciple Making and the Local Church

Practical and proven methods for creating relational environments to facilitate disciple making in the local Church.  (3 credit hours)

  • MAPR517 — Intentional Disciple Making

Examine the biblical reasoning and motivation behind making disciples, assessing progress as a disciple maker, and equipping students to make disciples who make disciples.  (3 credit hours)

  • MAPR519 — Healthy Ministry Leadership

An in-depth examination of healthy ministry leadership, what it is, how to build it and sustain.  (3 credit hours)

  • MAPR600 — Practicum/Capstone Project

Gain practical experience as you complete a Capstone Project identified by you and your instructor / advisor according to your ministry interest.  (6 credit hours)

Tuition and Course Fees


$825 CAD / 3 credit hour course

*Tuition is due by registration day and is non-refundable after registration day

(See Master Calendar for dates)


  • Applications for September enrollment must be received by August 15

  • Applications for January enrollment must be received by December 15

  • Applications for May enrollment must be received by April 15

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