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Undergrad Programs

At Maritime Christian College, we realize that as an adult with responsibilities, you cannot put your life on hold to go back to school. We provide a flexible, affordable way for working professionals to earn a university degree that is designed to fit into your busy life. With online learning, you save precious time and money by not driving to campus for classes, plus you get to study in the comfort of your own home.


We allow you the flexibility to choose your pace of study depending on your schedule and budget. You can take up to five courses as a full-time student, or only one course as a part-time student. The more classes you take, the faster you’ll finish. We will work with you to develop an individualized structured graduation path that fits your ministry goals and life schedule. This “any time, any where” asynchronous format supports MCC’s goal of providing accelerated Christian education focused around disciple making.


As a student of MCC, you will never feel that you are working alone. You will be part of our world-wide disciple-making team. We have student advisors that are available to answer any questions you may have from enrollment through graduation. In your courses, you will be working with a faculty member who’s interreacting with you in a discussion board forum, who’s setting up virtual meetings, and assessing the work that you’ve done.


PROGRAMS - Individuals

For individuals who what to expand their biblical knowledge and skills in disciple making.

Disciple Maker Certificates

Raise your game as a mature believer who makes disciples who make disciples.

These certificates are designed for the person who has experience leading a small group or is interested in starting one and who wants to take the Great Commission seriously by helping people become disciple makers.

  • Part-Time

  • 2 Programs — Level 1 and Level 2

  • 5 Courses each

PROGRAMS - Ministry & Leaders

For ministry leaders, both paid and volunteer, who want to expand their knowledge and skill with a disciple making focus.

Ministry Leaders

Disciple Making Church Leadership Certificate

Enhance your leadership team with a single-minded focus on making disciple makers.

This certificate is designed for leadership teams in churches who are seeking to make a shift towards making disciple makers and leadership of new church launches.

  • Part-time

  • 5 Courses

For those who want to combine marketplace and ministry for entrepreneurial Kingdom impact.

Youth Disciple Making Ministry Certificate.jpg
Youth Disciple Making Ministry Certificate

Guide youth in how to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

In an ever changing culture our youth now more than ever need leadership that will guide them in how to be disciples of Jesus Christ. This certificate is designed for volunteer leaders that serve in youth ministry or seek to become a youth pastor.

  • Part-time

  • 5 Courses

PROGRAMS - CoVocational


CoVocational Certificate

Combining marketplace and ministry for entrepreneurial Kingdom impact.

This certificate is designed to give students foundational theology on how to become a disciple who makes disciples and practical hands-on mentoring and peer coaching to ensure knowledge gained is applied. It also enables the student to explore and develop new business models to start and fund disciple making.

  • Part-Time

  • 10 Courses

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