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Disciple Maker's Path
Online - Part-time

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A practical “tool kit” of the what, the how, and the why of sharing the truth of the Gospel of Jesus

LEARN what disciple making is and how Jesus did it

DEVELOP the skills required for a small group disciple making culture

BUILD a healthy spiritual lifestyle plan

Who is this program designed for?  

  • The believer who is searching for answers on how their life can make a difference.

  • The believer who cares about other people but is not sure how to share their faith.

  • The believer who wants their life to make a difference for Jesus’ mission.

  • The believer who wants practical tips on disciple making.



  • Essentials to Disciple Making

This course provides the essential foundational knowledge for effective disciple making. Through interactions with the instructor and other students, participants gain a strong understanding of the “why” behind biblical disciple making, which sets them up for the “how to make disciples” in the next course called the “Road to Making Disciples”.

  • Road to Making Disciples

Participants will develop a clear understanding of disciple making concepts and their application.  They will learn the key elements necessary for creating a positive disciple making culture whether in a small group or one on one meetings.  They will learn the skills required to create and sustain a group of disciples who make more disciples.

  • Disciple Making Lifestyle

This course will help participants learn to develop a healthy disciple making and spiritual lifestyle plan.  They will understand how to personally impact culture and the community in which they reside while disciple making.  In collaboration with their local community church, students will apply the disciple making concepts they have learned from this three-course series.

Tuition and Course Fees

$250 CAD / course (1.5 credit hours)

*Tuition fees are due by registration day and are non-refundable after registration day

(See Master Calendar for dates)

Application Deadline

  • Applications for September enrollment must be received by August 15

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