MCC Mission


Developing Christian leaders who transform their world by making disciples who make disciples.


  • Educating students in a Biblical worldview

  • Equipping students to become disciple-makers

  • Empowering students to embrace new methods of ministry while remaining grounded in Biblical truth


  • We honour the Bible and its authority.

  • We practice Christ-like compassion.

  • We cultivate partnerships with local churches.

  • We exercise faithful stewardship of kingdom resources.

  • We pursue excellence in all things.


Maritime Christian College has adopted five student learning outcomes that are relevant to the student in carrying out life-long learning and ministry.​

  • Live Faithfully.

  • Think Biblically.

  • Grow Intellectually.

  • Improve Professionally.

  • Learn Continually.


The character of the College is clearly defined in Maritime Christian College’s Fourth By-Law:


  • The Maritime Christian College, in its endeavour to educate and equip men and women for Christian service, shall make the Bible its chief textbook, arrange all its courses of study, and conduct its work in harmony with the spirit and letter of the Word of God.  To this end every director, officer and teacher must be a member of the Church of Christ (undenominational) and must believe, without reservation in the full and final inspiration of the Bible to the extent that it is to them the infallible Word of God and therefore the all-sufficient rule of faith and life; in the Deity and Supreme authority of Christ; obedience to the Gospel; the edification of the Church; and the restoration of its unity on the New Testament basis.

  • Believing that such faith and a church with a program in harmony with this faith are essential to the salvation of the world, the Maritime Christian College shall endeavour to so educate and inspire its students as to make them effective servants of Christ.

  • This school must be independent, separate and apart from all other agencies.  While intending to antagonize none, but seeking the friendship and co-operation of all in proportion that like aims are cherished, the Maritime Christian College shall press on to train Christian workers to preach, teach and live Christ.