Disciple Maker Certificates - Level 1 & 2


Raise your game as a mature believer who makes disciples who make disciples

  • Foundational theology from world-class disciple makers on how to become a disciple who makes disciples

  • Practical hands-on mentoring and peer coaching to ensure knowledge gained is applied

  • “Quick Start” approach to apply learning immediately

Who is this program designed for?  


  • A person who has experience at leading a small group of up to 12 people

  • A person who is looking for a better approach to help people in their group grow in their spiritual maturity

  • A person who wants to give people in their group the Biblical foundation combined with the practical hands-on coaching to help them make disciples who in turn make disciples

  • Someone who takes the Great Commission seriously but doesn’t know what to do next

Disciple  Maker  Certificate - Level 1 -  Complete  5  courses

Disciple  Maker  Certificate - Level 2 - Complete  the  remaining  5  courses

  • O11 - Old Testament Literature
    An overview of the Old Testament highlighting key Biblical passages and customs leading up to Jesus the Messiah.

  • N13 - Jesus Christ and the Gospels
    An overview of the life, teachings, disciple making ministry, Cross, and great commission of Jesus.

  • N15 - Acts of the Apostles
    A study of the early church’s start, expansion, and disciple making endeavors leading to the Gospel being preached in Rome.

  • N17 - Romans through Revelation
    A survey of the rest of the New Testament from Romans through to Revelation.

  • T23 - Biblical Theology to Fuel Disciple Making
    An overview of the key teachings in the Bible. From the Grand Storyline through doctrines of Scripture, God, the Fall, Israel, the Gospel, New Birth, Baptism, Saving Faith, Church, Disciple Making, Ethics, and Final Restoration.

  • T25 - World Religions
    Provides a basic understanding of the major competitors to Biblical disciples – Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

  • T35 - Apologetics
    A defence of the faith by examining common attacks against Christianity and how best to answer tough questions while seeking to make disciples.

  • P15 – Mission Perspective
    A course designed to study missions, noting the concept of the indigenous church and the methods and principles being used on various mission fields.  

  • P17 - Becoming a Disciple Maker
    Ultimately Jesus desires us to be disciples who make disciples. This practical course instructs students in the art of disciple making with insights from known disciple makers.

  • P19 - Disciple Making and the Local Church
    Includes the core purpose of the church, shifting to a disciple making focus, the roles of leaders, reaching lost people, development, and church planting.   

Course List

(See Class Schedule for courses being offered this semester)

Tuition and Course Fees

$540 CAD / course

Coaching Fee:
$300 CAD / course (P17, P19)

*Tuition and Coaching fees are due by registration day and are non-refundable after registration day

(See Master Calendar for dates)

Application Deadline

  • Applications for September enrollment must be received by August 15

  • Applications for January enrollment must be received by December 20

Features - Benefits - Values



Focus on making disciples who make   disciples.

Material from world class disciple   makers.

Asynchronous learning environment for   knowledge acquisition.

Live coaching by qualified coach.

Practical application of knowledge   gained.

Only 10 courses to get certificate.


Will be studying with like-minded   people plus focused on disciple making.

Teachers who are knowledgeable and passionate about making disciples (quality of material).

Access material from anywhere, anytime.

“someone who has walked in your shoes” and someone who has walked in territory you haven’t explored yet.

Experiential learning by applying   knowledge. You gain competency (get good at it).

Get a higher ed credential in a minimum time frame.


Will be part of a support group for   disciple makers that will outlast the course (build a network).

Will “raise the bar” much higher for a   student’s disciple making knowledge and application.


Can fit your studies into your own   personal schedule.

Don’t waste your time by repeating   mistakes of others – learn best practices. Will be part of a support group for disciple makers that will outlast the course (build a network).

Sense of accomplishment by fulfilling   Great Commission as given by Jesus.

Don’t waste time and money on subjects you aren’t interested in.

“Raise your game” as a disciple maker   as quickly as possible in higher ed.


 Biblical Studies Certificate
1 year


Explore and strengthen Christian worldview

Develop understanding of Disciple Making fundamentals

Bachelor of Arts (Bible)
4 year


Deepen Biblical knowledge

Prepare a foundation for lifelong Christian ministry

Disciple Maker Certificates

5 courses each


Foundational theology from world-class disciple makers on how to become a disciple who makes disciples

Practical hands-on mentoring and peer coaching to ensure knowledge gained is applied

“Quick Start” approach to apply learning immediately

Bachelor of Bible & Ministry

20 courses



Prepares a foundation for lifelong Christian ministry for those who feel called to minister or serve the local Church or para-church organization.

A deeper dive into Biblical studies with supplemental Bible and Theology courses.


Disciple Maker Certificate counts as 10 of the 20 courses for the Bachelor of Bible & Ministry degree.

Disciple Making Church

Leadership Certificate


10 courses


Build a unified team with a healthy culture built on making disciples, not on running programs.

Learn and apply Jesus' model of intentional leadership in your own life as a disciple maker.

Build strong relational environments by applying the foundations of healthy leadership.


CoVocational Certificate


10 courses


Incorporates material from Disciple Maker Certificate curriculum

Explore and develop new business models to start and fund
disciple making

Learn “Lean Startup”  methodologies from Christian entrepreneurs

Customized “Quick Start” approach to apply learning immediately


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