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MCC Vision


MCC’s purpose is this: we exist to Biblically educate and equip people to become disciples of Jesus who make disciples. So with our purpose statement as the starting point, here is our dream for what will have happened at Maritime Christian College as it prepares for the fall 2032 semester, a decade in the future.

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MCC is producing high quality, impactful, and accredited online courses for Masters, Bachelor, and Certificate-level programs

MCC is known around the world for its higher education curriculum focused on disciple making. 


MCC has continued to maintain and evolve a unique “style” to its online asynchronous courses that strikes a balance between knowledge transfer and practical application of that knowledge, while engaging students with a highly qualified instructor and online cohorts of 6-12 students to help guide them on their learning journey.

MCC has attracted many of the world’s most widely-recognized disciple makers to develop its courses, as well as having a base of highly-qualified instructors to deliver the courses

Our asynchronous online format makes it feasible for these highly sought-after disciple makers to develop higher education courses that can be taken by hundreds of different students in the same semester, and will attract the most motivated students to MCC course offerings.

MCC has developed a growing group of highly motivated and qualified instructors to deliver its online courses, and this allows an optimum ratio of between 6-12 students per instructor.

MCC students are having a global impact on disciple making

Hundreds of MCC students are taking online courses in the 2032/2033 academic year.

MCC graduates are involved in disciple making movements around the world, where the Gospel is being taught, disciples are being made, and multiplication is happening through radical dependency on the Holy Spirit exhibited in the lives of disciple makers.

MCC has developed a deeply collaborative Church Partnering Network where MCC and the churches have launched hundreds of new disciple making ministries around the world

MCC provides higher education training and equipping of disciple makers that catalyze and sustain disciple making efforts with partnering churches, and in turn, these churches direct students to MCC.

MCC provides support for partnering churches through consultation services for starting and financing new ministries, special training events for church leaders, and disciple making resources for pastors.

MCC is regarded by other organizations around the world as a highly sought-after partner that delivers on its commitments and adds high value to every collaborative effort, including direct financial support for new ministries.

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MCC is part of a Canada-wide disciple making movement with other organizations

In addition to its Church Partnering Network, MCC is a contributing partner in a consortium of organizations that work together to start new disciple making ministries in cities across Canada.

MCC online courses provide core support to help these disciple making ministry leaders with some of the “heavy lifting” of starting a new church, such as developing healthy leadership teams, youth leaders, and teaching sound biblical doctrine.

MCC has accreditation for its Masters and Bachelors Programs

The accreditation has not only increased the attractiveness of our online courses to students, but it has allowed MCC to build and execute efficient internal administrative processes for developing and delivering online courses.

Funding comes from a vision-oriented donor base and from generous Legacy Fund gifts

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MCC is experiencing extraordinarily generous financial gifts to support its vision from a donor base many times larger than what existed in 2022.

Through strategically aligning its asset base to focus on online disciple making programs, MCC’s Legacy Fund is generating significant investment income that MCC is using to fund special projects and bursaries relating to global disciple making.

Every MCC student is able to receive a bursary that covers at least 50% of tuition costs, due to the generosity of MCC financial supporters, and students can finish their degree with little to no debt.

So there it is – our dream for Maritime Christian College in the coming decade. As excited as our staff, faculty, and Board of Directors are about our vision, though, we know it is imperfect. We can’t predict the future with any accuracy, and we certainly know that the path ahead for MCC won’t follow exactly how we’ve laid it out here. What is more important than the final destination is the journey MCC will be taking over the next decade. Our staff, faculty, Board of Directors and supporters all need to continue to pray and fast for the Holy Spirit’s direction and guidance on our next decade – and celebrate all the successes along the way!

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