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Disciple Making Church Leadership Certificate
Online - Part-time

Disciple Making Church Leadership Certificate
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Enhance your leadership team with a single-minded focus on making disciple makers.

  • BUILD a unified team with a healthy culture built on making disciples

  • LEARN and apply Jesus’ model of intentional leadership

  • BUILD strong relational environments by applying the foundations of healthy leadership

Who is this program designed for?  


  • Leadership teams in churches who are seeking to make a shift towards making disciple makers.

  • The leadership of new church launches.

Course List

  • P111 - Introduction to Healthy Leadership
    In this course you will Identify and develop the skills to live out healthy leadership in the local church.  Students will learn that only a healthy leader can effectively guide a church to live out Christ’s methods and message of the great commission.

  • P113 - Biblical Foundation for Healthy Leadership
    In this course you will examine, learn and apply Biblical truth that establishes healthy leadership.  You will put into practice theological principles that build a strong foundation so that you can lead a disciple making movement that is sustainable and reproduceable in your local church.  Prerequisite: P111

  • P115 - Intentional Leaders Become Healthy Leaders
    This course examines the life of Jesus Christ and how intentional he was with all He did.  Students will learn to become more intentional with all they do in the life of ministry.  A deep dive into “Disciple making is not what you do but who you are”.  Prerequisite: P111

  • P117 - Building Healthy Relational Environments
    Students will examine and learn how a healthy relational environment impacts not only disciple making but the church as a whole.  Essential attributes and skills will be taught and applied as students learn to model and live out healthy relational environments.  Prerequisite: P111

  • P119 - Healthy Leaders Reproduce Healthy Leadership
    Healthy things grow and reproduce. The ultimate fruit of the great commission is reproduction.  Students will learn to apply healthy disciple making principles so that a movement of discipleship can be reproduced in future generations.  Prerequisite: P111

Tuition and Course Fees

$540 CAD / course

Group discounts are available for four or more participants from one church

*Tuition is due by registration day and is non-refundable after registration day

(See Master Calendar for dates)

Application Deadline

Available as requested by churches (minimum enrollment required)

  • Applications for September enrollment must be received by August 15

  • Applications for January enrollment must be received by December 15

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