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Bible Theology And Obtaining a Christian Ministry Degree

Author: Tom Marshall, Academic Dean, Maritime Christian College

Are you thinking about a Bible theology degree but unsure where to start? Often individuals who begin serving in some capacity want to learn more, and the best way to do that is by pursuing a Christian ministry degree. Here are ten reasons to apply for the Master of Arts in Discipleship and Ministry Leadership at Maritime Christian College.

1. Begin Today

Like any new habit, you need to begin today. Procrastination never works. The only way to begin is by doing it. Contact the school and talk to a representative who can answer your questions about a Christian Ministry degree and direct you to the right course to begin your journey. Visit to find out more about our disciple making programs and courses.

2. Disciple Making Is Needed Now

Aaron Earls reported, “In 2019, approximately 3,000 Protestant churches were started in the U.S., but 4,500 Protestant churches closed, according to estimates from Nashville-based Lifeway Research” (Earls, 2021). People are avoiding organized religion but their interest in God remains. More than ever, the Church needs disciple makers who are willing to share their lives with other people. God’s Word provides answers to life. But who will tell others the good news? Is God calling you to step up and become a disciple maker for Him?

3. The Joy of Making a Difference

Adults are choosing to leave their jobs for a second career because they want to make a difference. Christian service is about helping people—it’s about encouraging and raising up others to follow Jesus. The satisfaction from studying Bible theology and applying what you learn in real life is the difference between the joy of making a difference and punching a clock until you retire.

4. Willingness to Learn

The willingness to learn is a gift, and those who love discovering new things will appreciate disciple making because it is an ongoing learning process. One challenge is tearing down negative stereotypes people have about God. A Christian ministry degree can help prepare you to answer the tough questions raised by non-believers effectively. This, in turn, will open doors for you to share the gospel with them.

5. Love to Encourage Others

Every person is different, with complex pasts and unhealed hurts. Jesus often stopped and became a part of people’s lives while travelling along the street. He knew their issues because he was God’s Son. On the other hand, we’re not Jesus, and we need to listen to people. We cannot solve their problems for them, but we can come alongside them. We can let them know that with our presence, they are not alone. The question of how to do this is the basis of problem-solving.

6. Hands-On Experience

Disciple making requires interaction with others, and for many, it means getting out of the chair. Jesus called us to love one another daily. The best way to love one another is to serve with a local charity or church, volunteer at the hospital, or get involved with a mentoring program. These volunteer experiences fulfill the hands-on requirement for the disciple making master’s program.

7. Student Interaction = Accountability

A Bible theology degree is not just about the degree but about the camaraderie built among one’s peers. Other student disciple makers are facing the same fears and challenges you are. They want to make disciples but need training in how to do it. The formal class setting is an excellent place to meet others who think and act like you. Student interaction is a wonderful way to spur on each other’s work. Jesus sent out the twelve by twos because he knew two people working together could overcome great odds. Your classmates become your accountability partners. By holding each other accountable, you are more likely to tackle the challenges each of you faces. Likewise, world-class disciple makers will come alongside you to encourage your efforts.

8. Learn from Home

Maritime Christian College is online, and one of the benefits is your ability to learn from home. We use Populi, our Learning Management System (LMS), to integrate and interact as a class. The LMS acts like an on-campus site where everyone can come together and discuss and share what they are learning. An internet connection and a computer are all you need to get started.

9. Online Library Resource

Maritime Christian College encourages students to purchase a year subscription with to provide academic texts from major Christian publishers like Baker, Eerdmans, IVP, Zondervan, and others. is an online platform allowing a student to have access to most of the books being published today, and their copy-and-paste feature enables documentation to become a breeze in any academic style like Chicago, APA, or MLA.

10. Complete in 2 Years

Maritime Christian College’s Master of Arts in Disciple Making and Ministry Leadership is a hands-on Christian ministry degree which can be completed in 2 years. Two classes are offered each semester beginning in September, January, and May. Each course is 14 weeks in length.

Contact Tim Cook ( for information and how to get started with expanding your Bible theology today.



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