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Application for Residency
MCC Student

All MCC courses are online. However, full-time students may choose to apply to live on campus to complete their online courses.

Application for Residency

You will receive an email from Maritime Christian College - when you begin an application asking you to verify your email, if you do not see it right away please check your junk folder.

  • Applications must be received by July 31

Maritime Christian College welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of physical origin (ethnic, national, or racial), skin color, gender, political affiliation, age, marital status, family relationship, or handicap. As a faith-based institution, Maritime Christian College makes one exception to a student’s background: religious belief and affiliation. Maritime Christian College expects its students to adhere in both good conscience and good faith to its statement of faith. Students are expected to agree with and to this statement of faith, derived directly from Maritime Christian College’s fourth By-Law.

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