Tuesday AM – Praying Like Jesus: The Shema


Wednesday AM – Praying Like Paul: The Gospel                     


Thursday AM – From Egypt to Ephesus:  A Brief History of Prayer   


Friday AM – Prayer in our Worship: A Theology of the Hymns of Revelation  


Tuesday PM – The Parable of the Idiotic Farmer


Wednesday PM – The Grace that Nullifies: A Parable


Thursday PM – The Parable of the Coming Crisis


Friday PM – The Parable of the Stupid Contractor




Tuesday AM – Part 1 – Miracles: Did They Happen in This World? (The Apologetic Issue)


Tuesday AM – Part 2 – Miracles: Are They Unique to This World? (The Cultural Issue)


Tuesday PM – He Masters the Sea (Mark 4:35-41)


Wednesday AM – Part 1 – Miracles: Terminology and the Bible’s Love/Hate Relationship with Them (The Linguistic Issue)


Wednesday AM – Part 2 – Miracles: Their Varied Purposes (The Functional Issue)


Wednesday PM – He Restores to Wholeness (Luke 5:12-16)


Thursday AM – Part 1 – Miracles: The Language of Salvation (The Salvific Issue)


Thursday AM – Part 2 – Miracles: Every Category of Reality (The Categorical Issue)


Thursday PM – He Delivers from Evil (Mark 5:1-20)


Friday AM – Part 1 – Miracles: Elements Within/Gospel Distinctives (The Rhetorical Issue)


Friday AM – Part 2 – Miracles: The Greatest One of All (The Easter Issue)


Friday PM – He Speaks Our Name (John 20:1-18)

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