Biblical Studies Certificate

Start your career journey with a Christian world-view of disciple making

  • Explore and strengthen Christian worldview

  • Develop understanding of Disciple Making fundamentals

Who is this program designed for?  



  • Primarily 18-25 year olds

  • A person who has already accepted Jesus and looking to grow their faith

  • A person who might be considering a path to full-time ministry work but wants to “test the waters” first without committing to a 4-year degree and accumulating a lot of debt

  • A person who wants to strengthen their Christian worldview before going off to school in a secular university setting

  • A person who wants to learn the foundations of the methods Jesus used to make disciples

  • A person looking to spend the year studying but also doing something meaningful in serving Jesus

Biblical Studies Certificate program has an option for Full-time (10 courses in one year) with on-campus residency at Maritime Christian College

Course List

(See Class Schedule for courses being offered this semester)

  • O11 – Old Testament Literature
    An overview of the Old Testament highlighting key Biblical passages and customs leading up to Jesus the Messiah.

  • N11 - New Testament Literature
    An introductory survey of all twenty-seven books, emphasizing the purpose and content of each and also touching briefly on authorship, origin and structure.  This course serves as a prerequisite for all future studies in the New Testament field.

  • N13 – Jesus Christ and the Gospels
    An overview of the life, teachings, disciple making ministry, Cross, and great commission of Jesus.

  • N15 - Acts of the Apostles
    A study of the early church’s start, expansion, and disciple making endeavors leading to the Gospel being preached in Rome.

  • N17 - Romans
    An exegetical study of Paul’s letter to Rome with background, date, authorship and content analysis being covered.  Application of doctrine to the church of today is noted and emphasized.

  • T13 – Interpretation
    A basic course on how to study the Word of God, giving principles which will help assure a proper understanding of the text in its contextual setting.

  • T17 - Worldview Studies
    The basis of a Christian worldview as well as other major worldviews are studied. Strategies as to how a Christian worldview may be implemented in the mission of the church are explored.

  • G11 – Interpersonal Communication
    A course of instruction and methods of practice for improving the qualities of the voice and the methods of effectively delivering the Word of God.  It includes interpersonal communication in conversation, reading, teaching and preaching.

  • G15 – English Composition
    The purpose of this course is to teach basic composition, grammar skills and library research

  • P11 - Christian Service (1hr)
    Students become aware of, and are involved in, helping to serve the needs of others with oversight by the College.

  • P13 - Life Skills (1hr)
    Life Skills is designed to develop the total well being of the Christian student.  It will promote skills to improve the learner and assist him/her in becoming a productive and courteous student, family member, community partner and worker.

  • P15 – Mission Perspective
    A course designed to study missions, noting the concept of the indigenous church and the methods and principles being used on various mission fields.

Tuition and Course Fees

$540 CAD / course
(exception P13  & P11: $180)

$100 CAD / course
(not offered for:  O11; N13; P13; P11)

Full Time Student Tuition & Fees for the Year:

Tuition (32 credit hours)____________$5,760 CAD

Dorm Room_______________________$3,000 CAD

Student Fees (includes travel)______$4,935 CAD

Total_______________________________$13,695 CAD

Books and living expenses not included

International students may be required to pay an additional fee

All prices subject to change without notice

*Tuition and fees are due by registration day.

(See Master Calendar for dates)

Application Deadline

  • Applications for September enrollment must be received by August 15

  • Applications for January enrollment must be received by December 20

Features - Benefits - Values



Small Campus – more intimate   relationships with other students and staff.

International travel component with   hands on experience.

Only Bible College in PEI.

Only Restoration Bible College in Atlantic Canada.

Every student qualifies for a bursary.

Unique culture in Charlottetown.

Only 1 year to get a Certificate.

Focus only on Bible Knowledge.



You know every student and faculty   member.

Explore different cultures and get to apply learning.

Don’t have to leave home province.

Don’t have to go far away to attend a Restoration school.

Less expensive to go to school.

Access to urban amenities plus some that are unique.

Get a higher ed credential in a minimum time frame.

Don’t waste time on subjects you don’t care about.


Supportive and caring environment.

Adventure and sense of accomplishment.


Stay physically connected to friends   and family and option to commute.

Would be closer to family and friends.

Less debt when student completes study.


Provide local options for entertainment and fun.


Have something to show for 1 year of   effort.

Significantly improve your Biblical knowledge and grow your faith in an immersive learning environment.



 Biblical Studies Certificate
1 year


Explore and strengthen Christian worldview

Develop understanding of Disciple Making fundamentals

Bachelor of Arts (Bible)
4 year


Deepen Biblical knowledge

Prepare a foundation for lifelong Christian ministry

Disciple Maker Certificates

5 courses each


Foundational theology from world-class disciple makers on how to become a disciple who makes disciples

Practical hands-on mentoring and peer coaching to ensure knowledge gained is applied

“Quick Start” approach to apply learning immediately

Bachelor of Bible & Ministry

20 courses



Prepares a foundation for lifelong Christian ministry for those who feel called to minister or serve the local Church or para-church organization.

A deeper dive into Biblical studies with supplemental Bible and Theology courses.


Disciple Maker Certificate counts as 10 of the 20 courses for the Bachelor of Bible & Ministry degree.


Disciple Making Church

Leadership Certificate


5 courses


Build a unified team with a healthy culture built on making disciples, not on running programs.

Learn and apply Jesus' model of intentional leadership in your own life as a disciple maker.

Build strong relational environments by applying the foundations of healthy leadership.

Youth Disciple Making Ministry Certificate


5 courses

Learn how to build a healthy youth ministry that can thrive in this difficult world.

Become a more intentional leader that builds effective teams to minister to our youth today.

Establish effective practices that help facilitate a youth ministry that makes disciples who can become disciple makers.



CoVocational Certificate


10 courses


Incorporates material from Disciple Maker Certificate curriculum

Explore and develop new business models to start and fund
disciple making

Learn “Lean Startup”  methodologies from Christian entrepreneurs

Customized “Quick Start” approach to apply learning immediately