Bachelor of Arts (Bible) Degree

Start your career journey with a Christian world-view of disciple making

  • Deepen Biblical knowledge

  • Prepares a foundation for lifelong Christian ministry

Who is this program designed for?  

  • Someone who has gone through the  Biblical Studies Certificate program and wants to deepen their Biblical knowledge with a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree. 

  • Someone who feels called to serve in a church or ministry setting as a career

Course List


Old Testament

O11 - Old Testament Literature (3 hrs)

Electives (9 hrs)

New Testament

N11 - New Testament Literature (3 hrs)

N13 - Jesus Christ and the Gospels (3 hrs)

N15 - Acts of the Apostles (3 hrs)

N17 - Romans (3 hrs)

N27 - Jesus Christ and the Gospels II (3 hrs)

Electives (6 hrs)


T13 - Introduction to Interpretation (3 hrs)

T17 - Worldview Studies (3 hrs)

T23 - Biblical Theology to Fuel Disciple Making(3 hrs)

T35 - Apologetics (3 hrs)

Elective (3 hrs)



H21 - History of the Restoration Movement (3 hrs)

H23 - Western Civilization I (3 hrs)

H25 - Western Civilization II (3 hrs)

Elective (3 hrs)


G11 - Interpersonal Communication (3 hrs)

G15 - English Composition (3 hrs)

G21 - Psychology (3 hrs)

G41 - Senior Seminar (2 hrs)

English Elective (3 hrs)

Biblical Languages

L21 - Biblical Greek I (3 hrs)

L22 - Biblical Greek II (3 hrs)

Elective in General Education Area (3hrs)



Christian Education

C11 - Foundational Leadership (3 hrs)

C21 - Introduction to Teaching Ministry (3 hrs)

C31 - Spiritual Formation (3 hrs)


M21 - Theology and Design of Worship (3 hrs)

Practical Ministries

P11 - Christian Service (3 hrs)

P13 - Life Skills (1 hr)

P15 - Mission Perspective (3 hrs)

P21 - Evangelism & Discipleship (3 hrs)

P23 - Homiletics I (3 hrs)*

P25 - Homiletics II (3 hrs)*

P31 - Church Leadership & Admin. (3 hrs)*

P37 - Internship (2 hrs)

P39 - Counselling (3 hrs)

Electives in Practical Area (6 hrs)          




* Substitute courses may be allowed at the discretion of the Academic Dean for a Christian Education emphasis.


For course descriptions see the Academic Catalogue

Tuition and Course Fees

$540 CAD / course
(exception P13: $180; G41 & P37: $360)

Full Time Student Tuition & Fees for the Year:

Tuition (32 credit hours)____________$5,760 CAD

Insurance (optional)______________ _$   450 CAD

Student Fee                                 ______$    150 CAD

Total (includes optional insurance)________    $ 6,360 CAD

Books not included

International students may be required to pay an additional fee

All prices subject to change without notice

*Tuition and fees are due by registration day.

(See Master Calendar for dates)

On-Campus Housing :

On-Campus Housing is available for $3,000 CAD per school year.

A residency application can be submitted at : MCC Student Application for Residency

Application Deadline

  • Applications for September enrollment must be received by August 15

  • Applications for January enrollment must be received by December 20



 Biblical Studies Certificate
1 year


Explore and strengthen Christian worldview

Develop understanding of Disciple Making fundamentals

Bachelor of Arts (Bible)
4 year


Deepen Biblical knowledge

Prepare a foundation for lifelong Christian ministry

Disciple Maker Certificates

5 courses each


Foundational theology from world-class disciple makers on how to become a disciple who makes disciples

Practical hands-on mentoring and peer coaching to ensure knowledge gained is applied

“Quick Start” approach to apply learning immediately

Bachelor of Bible & Ministry

20 courses



Prepares a foundation for lifelong Christian ministry for those who feel called to minister or serve the local Church or para-church organization.

A deeper dive into Biblical studies with supplemental Bible and Theology courses.


Disciple Maker Certificate counts as 10 of the 20 courses for the Bachelor of Bible & Ministry degree.


Disciple Making Church

Leadership Certificate


5 courses


Build a unified team with a healthy culture built on making disciples, not on running programs.

Learn and apply Jesus' model of intentional leadership in your own life as a disciple maker.

Build strong relational environments by applying the foundations of healthy leadership.

Youth Disciple Making Ministry Certificate


5 courses

Learn how to build a healthy youth ministry that can thrive in this difficult world.

Become a more intentional leader that builds effective teams to minister to our youth today.

Establish effective practices that help facilitate a youth ministry that makes disciples who can become disciple makers.



CoVocational Certificate


10 courses


Incorporates material from Disciple Maker Certificate curriculum

Explore and develop new business models to start and fund
disciple making

Learn “Lean Startup”  methodologies from Christian entrepreneurs

Customized “Quick Start” approach to apply learning immediately