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Bachelor of Arts (Bible) Degree
Online - Full-time / Part-time

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Develop the full range of skills necessary for leading a church or ministry

  • Deepen Biblical knowledge

  • Prepare a foundation for lifelong Christian ministry

  • Choose from three tracts:  Preaching, Youth Ministry or Disciple Making Church Leadership

Who is this program designed for?  

  • Someone who has gone through the  Biblical Studies Certificate program and wants to deepen their Biblical knowledge with a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree. 

  • Someone who feels called to serve in a church or ministry setting as a career.  One of three possible tracts can be selected at the beginning of the program:  Preaching, Youth Ministry, or Disciple Making Church Leadership


Old Testament

O11 - Old Testament Literature (3 hrs)

Electives (9 hrs)

New Testament

N11 - New Testament Literature (3 hrs)

N13 - Jesus Christ and the Gospels (3 hrs)

N15 - Acts of the Apostles (3 hrs)

N17 - Romans (3 hrs)

N27 - Jesus Christ and the Gospels II (3 hrs)

Electives (6 hrs)


T13 - Introduction to Interpretation (3 hrs)

T23 - Biblical Theology to Fuel Disciple Making (3 hrs)

T25 - World Religions (3 hrs)

T31 - End Times: Eschatology (3 hrs)

T35 - Apologetics (3 hrs)



H21 - History of the Restoration Movement (3 hrs)

H23 - Western Civilization I (3 hrs)

H25 - Western Civilization II (3 hrs)

Elective (3 hrs)


G11 - Interpersonal Communication (3 hrs)

G15 - English Composition (3 hrs)

G19 - Evolutionary Biology (3 hrs)

G21 - Psychology (3 hrs)

G41 - Senior Seminar (2 hrs)

English Elective (3 hrs)

Biblical Languages

L21 - Biblical Greek I (3 hrs)

L22 - Biblical Greek II (3 hrs)

Elective in General Education Area (3hrs)



Christian Education

C111 - Preparing to Launch (3 hrs)

C21 - Introduction to Teaching Ministry (3 hrs)

C31 - Introduction to Healthy Leadership (3 hrs)

Elective (3 hrs)

Practical Ministries

P11 - Christian Service (3 hrs)

P13 - Life Skills (1 hr)

P15 - Mission Perspective (3 hrs)

P17 - Becoming a Disciple Maker (3 hrs)

P19 - Disciple Making and the Local Church (3 hrs)

P23 - Homiletics I (3 hrs)*

P25 - Homiletics II (3 hrs)*

P37 - Internship (2 hrs)

P39 - Counselling (3 hrs)

Electives in Practical Area (6 hrs)*          




* Courses shown are for the Preaching tract. 

  Substitute courses:  Youth Ministry tract (C113-19) or Disciple Making Church Leadership tract (P113-119).


For course descriptions see the Academic Catalogue

Tuition and Course Fees

$540 CAD / course
(exception P11 & P13: $180; G41 & P37: $360)

Full Time Student Tuition & Fees for the Year:

Tuition (32 credit hours)____________$5,760 CAD

Fees                                               ______$   500 CAD
Total                                                       ________    $ 6,260 CAD

Textbooks not included

All prices subject to change without notice

*Tuition and fees are due by registration day.

(See Master Calendar for dates)

Application Deadline

  • Applications for September enrollment must be received by August 15

  • Applications for January enrollment must be received by December 15

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