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I left for Israel and Rome with the intent of blogging my progress. This would accomplish two things: one, keep a running record of our trip, and two, keep family at home informed of our progress.

There were many challenges with writing the blog for the trip. Some included the use of an iPod for my device to blog on during the trip. I left my computer at home in order to save weight and bulk and carried the iPod in my front pocket. My keyboard was the size of one’s palm and was touch operated. I apologize for any spelling errors but ask indulgence since my mode of communication was palm sized, like texting on a phone.

This afternoon I took time to edit my posts and update the blog for those who might want to print off the blog as a source for their trip, especially about where we went each day. If there are any other mistakes I overlooked in editing it is my sole responsibility and not Penny’s for she is the eyes which corrects many errors while editing the Maritime Messenger. She enjoyed the Holy Land and was spared the chaotic editing required. I do want to thank Ellen for posting a couple blogs.

My hope is for all who have read this blog found it entertaining and informative.

My second challenge was internet connectivity. We are truly blessed in Canada and the US with free Wifi spots by which we can access the Internet. There were many times I purchased an hours worth of time for $8 US or $5 Euros. Traveling made blogging either a blessed event or a real hassle. I’m grateful for the Comfort Inn JFK for free Wifi, though its connection could be frustrating. In all we don’t realize what we have in Canada for communications until one no longer has access to these systems in a foreign land.

Thank you for your kindness in reading my ramblings.

Shalom, Tom

One Response to Corrected Posts

  • Darlene"mom"Marshall says:

    Glad you are all home safe and sound!
    (He still can’t spell after all these years…although I am proud he did correction…Hmmmm! He still needs to spell FOR right and the word FEW also.)

    Blessings on everyone, enjoyed following all your trip, and did not care a bit about spelling errors, but moms are always forgiving. One question, was the whole trip non-shave??????? His dad rolled his eyes at the change of clothes when he got home!

    Mom Marshall

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