Vatican Museum

We began our last day in Rome with a trip to the Vatican Museum. It is a private museum open to the public and houses the private collections of the Pope. There are countless sculptures like the bust of Socrates or the statue of Nero; and fine mosaics and tapestries; but the Sistine Chapel overshadows all the treasures with Michaelangelo’s masterpiece on the ceiling.

One of my favorite spots was after the tour and pertained to food. It was Trattoria Pizzaria A. Spinoaz about two blocks from the Vatican. My sausage and mushroom pie must have been made by angels (near the Vatican there are angels or was it demons, only Dan Brown would know).
The gelato sunday completed the blissful lunch.

If I was in the market for a priestly robe almost every other shop on the streets around the Vatican sells robes. Luckily I came away with many photos and no robes but a better knowledge about Rome.


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